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Untitled - Sadnesstakes - 27-08-2011 10:44 PM

a house of violence, rages

crying, screaming, slapping

I was beaten

a vase, dishes flying

a woman shouts

that it stops, I beg...

night falls, but not the anger

and tomorrow will be the same boat

the tears, the pain disappears

but fear remains

i have a restless sleep

full of nightmares

He promise not to repeat

He promise not to hit me

I love him

I believe

it always starts

he hit me, throw me from wall to wall

and want to kill me

He never fails to hurt me

on my legs, my arms and my back

I am full of bruises,

twisted wrists, my body bruised

my bloody face

and my look

I am beaten by my father

my ordeal will end one day maybe?

I lived 8 years of pain and fear

I have lived 8 years to keep quiet, say nothing

I have lived 8 years and the silence finally ended

_____________never to suffer_______________________________

RE: Untitled - Joce - 28-08-2011 04:11 PM

Hi again Sadness,

The poem's good, but the story is very sad Sad I hope you can take care of yourself right now. I like the second last line here, "I have lived 8 years and the silence finally ended". You don't have to keep quiet about this! Remember that, whether this is a past or present problem, there are plenty of people who can help you. If you can't find the words, show them this poem- it says it all. I think Jade has a page with some phone numbers/ websites, if you wanted to look into this help. Please remember help is available, and stay safe.

So well- written though, the words, the style of writing, everything... it has a very strong message. A very honest poem.

Take care, and hope to talk to you soon,

- Joce