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I left - Sadnesstakes - 26-08-2011 09:44 PM

I left

From this tower, I see all these people panicked
They see me near the edge and all have fear.
I feel the wind against my face and the void in front of my feet.
I just take one step forward to keep from feeling the heat.

Yet I can not cross this boundary
I can not help thinking that I would not be alive.
Stop! Stop blowing your feelings in my mind!
I have chosen, I will fall as if I had drunk.

With the battle in my head
Ready to jump down
While the other side of me
is Holding me back

RE: I left - Joce - 27-08-2011 03:10 AM

Hi Sadnesstakes,

This is a really good poem. I've read it several times- there's just so much in it. Really well written, and I relate to it. Great writing gets people to relate and think- and this really did both for me. Did you write this?

However, I am sorry if this represents how you're feeling at the moment. The good news is that many people find an escape from their problems, and a peace in their lives through some sort of art form. Maybe poetry could help you, as an outlet, with understanding, expressing and dealing with some of your feelings, thoughts and issues? It could definitely help you connect to other people with similar problems.

I know i've found recently that piano is an outlet for me that can help me express myself in another way, and think about things in another way. I've composed several pieces (simple as they are) that I feel express my thoughts and feelings better than my words. I think others who hear my pieces might feel the same. More than anything though, the outlet of piano somehow makes me feel better about it all, like the music I compose validates my thoughts/ feelings, and makes them worth something. Hard to explain, but maybe you could find something similar in poetry- reading or writing it.

Anyway, just wanted to give you my thoughts on the poem Smile I know at times it may seem like your life is a constant battle, but just make sure you keep fighting- it will be worth it. Things can and do get better, you just have to keep going, and things will change.

Take care, hope to talk to you soon,

- Joce

RE: I left - Sadnesstakes - 27-08-2011 10:23 PM

hey Joce

Thanks for the reply yes i did write this poem
I did it when two people where fitting in my head
I did it to try and make them stop

I find it relatively helpful at times to write poetry