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i am living in a boarding situation with very controling people i have been searched and question and talked bad about they make rude comments and i can not deal with this stuff i only no one coping skill that works and it is self harm witch has turned bad tonnight

i do not know how toexplain myself so i will be quiet because i am wasting poepl time

forever and always sadness
Living situations can be difficult when dealing with mental issues, and its even harder when you have little control over where you live etc. I know it can be hard to see beyond the place where you live, but if you could you would see that there are others who make it past this (you won't live there forever... this time can/ will pass!), and find happiness and peace, as hard as it may be to believe right now.

In terms of dealing with things right now, self- harm is not a good/ healthy coping technique, which I'm sure you know, but its the only thing you can see that works. Depending what your main issue is, try to channel it into something ore positive- like your poetry, or other art, or phsyical activity that isn't harmful. Self- talk is important too- what you tell yourself in your mind. Use some positive statements- I can do this... that is not a healthy activity and I'm not going to take part in it... I am stronger than this. It's ok if you don't really believe them but sometimes saying them helps.

I understand not being able to explain how you feel (to this day I have trouble doing that too!), but you are definitely not wasting anyone's time!!! Being quiet doesn't help you, speaking out does! Sometimes through talking and attempting to explain you come to understanding and help, so please don't keep wuiet.

As always, thinking of you and hope you take care,

- Joce
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