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Full Version: Panic/anxiety
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the past three days have been full of panic and anxiety, I've been having trouble breathing concentration and I'm just so depressed. I don't want to talk to anyone about it because I don't want anyone to feel like this. ivr just been so worked up over dieing and death I can't handle it I'm having trouble breathing as I type this. does anyone have any suggestions to put my mind at ease.. :(
Sorry you've been feeling so bad Donlin Sad

I know breathing can really affect panic and anxiety (quick, shallow breathing can cause panic attacks) so that might be something that could help you a bit. I think there's a page on this site somewhere on breathing, and how to breathe properly to relax (in through nose, breathe deeply, counting etc), under the advice link. Even if you have trouble at first, if you work on it, this part of your anxiety can improve, and maybe help other parts too. There's also several audiotapes on relaxation exercises under the relax link.

For anxious/ intrusive thoughts about death/ dying, you could try to counter these with positive statements, while doing breathing or relaxation exercises. For example, instead of "what if" kind of thoughts, try to concentrate on what is happening in the current moment and things around you, and how you want to respond to that. There are a lot of specific, positive statements to counter anxious thoughts, that can really help, online. One of the places I got some statements from is anxiety network (if you google "coping statements for anxiety" it's probably the first page that comes up).

Other than that, it's sometimes best to try and concentrate not so much on the anxiety but try to focus on something else, but I know that can be really hard to do at times. Don't worry about talking to people on Jade about it because I think most people here probably know how you feel, and could help. Anyway, hope some of this might be helpful to you, and really hope that you get some peace soon!

- Joce
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