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Full Version: Think im getting an eating disorder
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so i feel bad for writeing on here,as i have not be around for a while,but im bk now. idk why i went aways. i just stugging with things,and i cant hide this no more from anyone. ok here goes.
while i allways be very thin really,and im in to sport ,as i love doing sport. but i pass out the other day while i was playing football,i think it cuz i make my self sick each time i eat. is this a ed or not? i dont know. i only be doing it for about 2 months,some how it just make me feel so much better. but im scared,cuz the weight is just falling off now. its just when i eat i do this. i try and eat and not do this,but if i dont i just feel like there blackness inside of me,sorry if im not makeing any sence i just dont know where eles to go to talk about this,im sorry
Hi Tash hun,
here's a little flower for you Flower LOL!!
Missed you!!
Don't feel bad about posting on the issue of eating disorders. Many people have them and it can be treated accordingly I'm sure.
I have sat here wondering how to reply, and i think the best thing for you to do is tell those around you about how you are feeling. If i read your post properly, then deliberately making yourself sick after eating should be addressed. Can you talk to the social worker about it?
Well done for being brave and telling us here at Jade tash!
I've always said you are stronger than you think and I still believe that.
I know you are having a bad time, but remember to allow yourself leisure time and smile when something makes you happy.
Keep playing your sports and doing the things you like hun as i'm sure it will help take your mind off things for a while.
Please don't be saying sorry to us, you've nothing to be sorry about ok?
Looking forward to seeing you again in jade if you still feel you want to talk with me. I'm always happy to listen and chat with you hun. Please also don't feel pressured into coming back because i replied here today.
You must decide if and when the time is right as always.

thanks jane,
im sorry it takeing me so long to write bk,just not be feeling very well in my head.
i went to see the gp with my foster mum,it sort of went ok,now im being send to see someone who know about these sort of things,so i hope they can support me before it get out of hand really. i miss you too.
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