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Full Version: Giving up
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hey hun,
aww hun,please dont give up on things,its may feel like its wont get better right now,but it will trust me,i have be where you are,and i still feel like you sometime,but i belive thats everything we go thr in life make us a better person hun. is there anything you think you could do which may help you to feel better hun? ''hugss''' huni not eating may make you feel better now,but it not going to make you feel better for long,and it not gd for you. please just try to eat a little bit, a little bit of food is better then no food at all. i care about you. hun please dont be so hard on your self,your trying t your best. im allways here for you any time you need to talk hun
i hope you feel better soon,
love tash

ps. its was nice talking to you in chat the other weekend hun,hope to talk again soon.
hunni im allways here for you allways. awww thats so kind of you to say,but i just wish i could make everything better for you hun. im sorry things are so hard right now. and with it comeing up to xmas,some time xmas dont help some people,as xmas can be hard for a lots of people. but im here any day,as i check on here each day. hun no one would be happy you would be gone,as even if you feel there no one in your life thats care about you,people here in jade care about you,and im care about you lots <3. hun you are a normal person,you are just going thr a hard time,and it hard when it feel like there no one who can understand what your going thr,but keep hanging in there hun,as i belive in you,and i know it going to get better foor you. hun you have nother to be sorry about, you write aways,as im here no matter how your feeling. how are you today?
love tash xxxxx
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