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Full Version: Reference to depersonilization...?
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Today I was thinking about sayings and where they come from. You know the saying, "Someone was beside themselves with grief"? I thought it could possibly be a reference to depersonilization. Because DP is triggered by stressful events, and strong emotions, like grief, I thought maybe this was originally about DP. Part of DP is feeling like you are literally disconnected from your body, and literally looking at yourself from above or "beside" yourself. So maybe it's like, someone is so sad and distraught, that they are experiencing DP, and feeling like they are beside themselves? Could be possible, just a thought...
Hi, Joce Hi

Yes, that's an interesting one . . . "Being beside oneself", like the similar expression, "Going out of one's mind", is an example of how we (often desperately) try to express our inner feelings by using figures of speech and trying to translate difficult ideas and emotions into concrete and "physical" metaphors, etc.

I did think when I first read your post, Joce, that there must be many other figures of speech like your one but most of the ones I thought of, or found online, are hopelessly derogatory, even insulting, and not at all helpful. Sad

How about anyone else? Can you think of any other figures of speech, like Joce's example, that help us in expressing our feelings?


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