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Full Version: I have Social Anxiety
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Okayy...so basically I am new here, and I have had social anxiety since the day I was born. I don't have Any friends and the few that I have I can't even talk to anymore cuz my anxiety is getting worse so I am slowly losing my few remaining friends...and well everyone is So mean to me in scl (I'm in middle scl and I have social a. ..u cn imagine lol). I was thrown into boarding a few years back but ppl kept physically hurting me and bein mean so they said I wasn't fit for it cuz other ppl didn't like me cuz I didn't talk and I kept my hair in front of my face all the time. Well now the dorm parent kicked me out of boarding because other people hate me...and now I am in the same scl though (that i have bn going to my whole life) but living with my mum. My dad jst died so she got this mean new boyfriend who ALSo abuses me sometimes and he critisizes my s.a!! so yh I have no friends and this whole thing is ruining my life...I'm 13 and I live the life of an 80 yr old/1 yr old..depending how u look at it. But once I get passed my s.a for a specific person I am fun and very talkativeSmile SORRY THIS IS SOO LONG haha
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