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Full Version: I can't stop;
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Less then a year ago it all started out so innocent; just something to ease the pain.
Its taking over my life, and I feel pathedic. I do it every night, cutcutcut.
Then, I don't sleep.
I just recently picked up on not eating; because I feel fat and ugly.

1. stop cutting, because I think your addicted. That's not a good thing to be addicted.

2. The teenage years is all an illusion. Once you turn into an adult like me, you will sadly regret the times that you said you were pathetic, fat and ugly.

3. Do what you can in school! None of this crap that you're worrying about will do you any good in the future.
and get lots of hugs...those are always good.
hi hun,
im sorry your feeling sooo bad thats your need to cut hun,things will get better in time,it just take a bit of time,but you will get there in the end,it wont be a easy rd tho,but with each baby step your get there/ we all here for you any time you need to talk about anything k hun. is there anything you enjoy doing? maybe try and do something which you like,when you feel like cutting your self. you could phone a helpline called childline,which i phone sometime,and they really can help you to just get things off your mind for a while. and i do painting and drawing which help me, art can really make you feel better when your so low thats you want to cut. hang in there hun,it will get easy in time,allways here for you.
your friend tash xxx
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