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Full Version: Hey everyone I'm new here
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Hey everyone I'm Lola and I'm 15 from England and I'm new to JADE.
I've been wanting to post something in this forum since I joined a few days ago but I was too scared too until now but anyway here is a bit about why I joined ..

I have social anxiety disorder and I have done for a few years now and it keeps getting worse Sad . I worry so much about everything and anything that's social is so hard for me. I can barely talk to anyone and most of the time I don't talk at all at school and stuff so some people don't even know my name because I'm so quiet Sad .I had a really bad time last year where I was too scared to go to school because I felt like school was just a big social challenge that I couldn't face so I got so upset and worked up about it that I stayed at home . But now I don't do that anymore but I still am finding it so hard to cope with being so afraid to do anything , sometimes I feel like I wish I could be normal and be able to have fun and join in with convosations ect . I have been to my GP and I was so scared talking to him , he reffered me to a counceling sort of thing but I'm too scared to go because Im scared to talk to people Sad so I don't know how I can get out of this Sad

Anyway I look forward to making new friends here and talking to other people who are having problems like this . Because even though my friends are great they still don't seem to understand how I feel all the time about being so shy and what's going on in my mind. Also if anyone needs someone to talk to about their problems I will be happy to help and support anyone Smile

Thankyou for Reading this , sorry it's so long !

Lola x
Hey lola
nice to meet you
I'm Melly, 14
i had a SA for a while too but im still getting over it too Smile
i think you are really brave now starting to go back to school
I know how its like i'm so shy and embarrased to put my hand up in class etc
and avoid eye contact still lol
i have the same feelings about counselling i hate face2face chats
but good luck with it Smile
, looking forward to seeing you on chat! Smile
Hi Lola. Well done for going back to school. That must have been very hard. Hope to see you in chat.

Jenni, xxxxx
Lola ,
Nice to meet you . Good job on going back to school .. and also the very nice post .. not too long at all, enough for us to get to know about you.

Will be looking for you in chat .. Rose
xxxxxxx Heart
Hi lola,
I am also new. I have anxiety disorder, and bipolar. I am 16 from the US. I have a hard time talking to others and comunicating. I been depressed and stressed out for the last few weeks. I have a lot of ticks and been trying to find out whats trigering me. I hope i can meet you some time.

Hey Lola
No it wasn't long at allSmile Hope I can chat with u sometime cuz I have MAJOR social anxiety issues and I've never known or spoken to someone who has it too...I am thirteen by the way.
Good job on going back to school yeah...talk to u sometime hopefully

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