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Full Version: Bi-polar?
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Heyya,Ok so I'm not sure how i am really,because i was told that i have bi-polar and ptsd, was told by my therapy,not sure wht they are!! if any one ele know about this or has them,would love it if you could tell me about them thr!! I been put on med ,which i have beenn on for a few week now,and it is really helping thr. sorry for this silly post,just need to know that all.thanks ,beckey
Ptsd is post-traumatic-stress-disorder which is often seen in abuse victims or soldiers o_o and bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance in the brain which they prescribe lithium for. i got off my lithium thanks to a 600 dollar test with 1000 questions.i
PTSD you have flashbacks,dreams a lot of the incident, making a effort to avoid places that remind you of the tramtic experiance, difficult staying asleep or going to sleep, anxiety, not remmbering the whole tramatic experiance only remmber pieces and theres many other things that go along with what ptsd. Yeah its abuse victims, soilider or any other thing that was tramatic to go through dosent all ways have to be abuse.

Bi polor I think I have this my self but not sure. bipolar 1 is severe mood swings to mania which means very very hyper feel like your high to depression. bipolar 2 is mild form involving mild episodes hypomania which is not as hyper as mania is to depression. Clclothymoic disorder is a like bi polar its a very mild mood changes. Mixed bi polar is mania and depression at same time. Rapid cycling bipolar disorder have lots of episodes in a month of mania then depression. I dont think I have the severe bipolar just the mild one.

Ask your therapist if you still have questions Im sure she will answer them. Im sorry for what your going through please try to hang in there. Hope this helped take care. Huggss.
Thank you Lauri, It's has help me lots! Hope your ok. love beckey
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