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Helping Children and Teenagers to Cope with Life
These guidelines are to help you, and everyone else, to feel safe
and to enjoy and get the most out of the Chatroom experience.

Topic Restrictions

Our Main Chatroom has "Topic Restrictions".  This is a) to protect Members from having their conversation (eg, about their own problems) hijacked by someone else who feels that "they matter more" (they don't!); and b) to avoid more than one topic of conversation at a time, otherwise everyone gets swamped, like trying to have a serious chat in the middle of a crowded and noisy train station!

Please do not interrupt with a new Topic without asking the Moderators first.  The Moderators will call for suggestions and declare a new Topic when appropriate. So please be patient. Thank you.

And, if someone else tries to interrupt the current Topic, please do not agree with them or encourage them to do so -- it is the Moderators' job to decide Topic changes, not anyone else's.


Triggering Other Members

Please be careful to ask the Moderators first for permission if you wish to talk about something that might upset (or "trigger") other Members.  For example: talking about self-harm, sexual matters, alcohol and drug abuse or suicidal thoughts. If you fail to ask first, you will be kicked!


Attention Seeking

Try always to remember that other people have problems in their lives too.  Please do not compete for attention.  If the Topic under discussion is serious (rather than idle chit-chat) then by all means offer whatever help you can contribute, but otherwise please do not interrupt by trying to start your own Topic unless you have the Moderators' permission first: Jade's Chat room is not a place for dozens of different conversations to be taking place all at the same time.

The same goes for asking a Moderator for a PMs session in one of the private rooms.  Please do NOT do this simply to avoid the Topic Restrictions (see above) and to get someone to listen to
you rather than someone else who is already talking in the Main Chatroom.


Multi-Tasking and Disappearing/Idling

Please do not come in, or stay in, Chat if you are "multi-tasking" (doing homework, surfing the net, etc) as it inevitably means other people in Chat trying to talk to you and having to wait for ages before you reply.  It's very rude and can be hurtful.

Similarly, if you have to leave your screen for more than a few seconds, please say "brb" to let everyone else know.  If you need to quit, please say goodbye first and wait for others to reply.


Swearing In Chat

Please do not swear in Chat, or at the very least keep it to a bare minimum.  This is regardless of the censor/filter because it can still upset other Members to know that someone else is using foul language: it affects the "atmosphere" in Chat, rather like living with other people who are angry and violent all the time.

Please remember that there is
no lower age limit for Members in Jade and adjust your behaviour so that it is suitable for the youngest people in Chat at any given time.


Greeting People in Chat

Please do not ignore other Members when they come into the room -- that is so rude and hurtful!

When someone comes in after you, please say hello, ask them how they are feeling, and encourage them to join in the current Topic of conversation.

When saying hello to someone for the very first time, introduce yourself by saying how old you are and what country you're from (no more details of your identity or location than that!).


Caring For Each Other

Keep an eye out for anyone else in Chat who has been quiet for a while, ask them if they're OK and would like to join in the current Topic or, if appropriate (eg, a previous Topic has finished), invite them to begin a new Topic if they wish.

Please treat everyone else the same way you'd want them to treat you.


Caps, Flooding and Repeating

Don't speak in CAPS - IT'S LIKE SHOUTING (!!!)  If it happens by accident, please apologise as a courtesy to others.

Don't Flood - which is sending too much information to the channel at once.  If you want to post something long (eg, a poem) then you must ask the Moderators for permission first.

Repeating.....Repeating.....Repeating.....Repeating..... You will be warned and may be kicked if you persist in doing this.

(Chatroom Etiquette, or How to Behave in Chat)
Helping Children and Teenagers to Cope with Life.

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JADE is a support site for children and younger teenagers, under the age of eighteen only, who suffer from Anxiety, Depression or other mental problems.

Some of the problems kids and teenagers come to us for help and support with:-

Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks - Depression - Social Anxiety - Agoraphobia - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - Self Harm (Self Injury) - Eating Disorders - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

We also offer advice on:-
alcohol and drugs, anger management, assertiveness, bereavement and grief, breathing techniques and hyperventilation, bullying and teasing, counselling, exercise, fear of failure, low self-esteem, medication, problems at home or with parents, problems with school, relaxation and meditation, sexual and physical abuse, sexual identity, shyness, stress, suicidal feelings, talking, therapy, trusting people.
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